Beef Jerkey


3.5-4lbs Flank Steak
1 10oz Bottle of Kroger Worcestershire Sauce
1 10oz Bottle of Kroger Soy Sauce
2 Teaspoons Onion Powder
2 Teaspoons Garlic Powder
4 Teaspoons Lawrey’s Seasoned Salt
1/2 Teaspoon PepperCorns
1/4 Bottle (1oz) Liquid Smoke


Crush Pepper Corns. Cut meat in strips like thick bacon. Combine ingredients. Add sliced meat to marinade. Marinate 24 hours. Stir a couple of times during the 24 hours. Wipe meat with paper towels and place on dehydrator trays. Dehydrate for 10 hours at 160 degrees. When finished, wipe oils off with paper towels before storing.